The WSAA Health Based Targets Manual guides utilities though a self-assessment process to determine the water safety for each scheme.

Following a discussion paper by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) on the introduction of a health-based target (HBT) for microbial water quality in Australia, WSAA formed a Health Based Target Working Group to assess the implications of introducing HBTs and to influence NHMRC to obtain a cost effective public health outcome and a practical operational and regulatory arrangement for the water industry.

The Manual remains a living document and will be further improved as new information comes to hand. Regardless of whether HBTs are or not adopted in Australia, the WSAA HBT Manual will be a valuable resource for assessing source risk and the adequacy of water treatment. Recognising its strategic significance, WSAA decided in mid-2012 to take a proactive approach to HBTs.


AuthorWater Services Association of Australia
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Health Based Targets Manual PDF
The Water Safety Continuum: A Practical Way to Implement a Health Based Target for Microbial Water Quality PDF
WaterRA Occasional Paper: Semi Quantitative Assessment of Microbial Source Risk PDF
Water RA Research Project 1074: Good Practice Guide PDF
Quantify Microbial Hazards PDF
An Australian Water Industry Snapshot: Outcomes from 2014 Health Based Target implementation pilots PDF