Digital metering solutions are gaining popularity as water utilities use them to track and detect usage and leaks with regular updates, while importantly also allowing customers to easily access their own water usage data. In theory, water corporations support digital metering but the reality of rolling out the technology isn’t as simple as it might seem and varies from one organisation to the next.

In 2021, the first State of Play Report was released by IWN, assessing digital metering progress, status, barriers, technology and more among our water corporation members.

This year, the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) is pleased to have combined with Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) to expand the information on digital meters to assist decision making and stimulate collaboration and improvement across the urban water industry. This combined WSAA and IWN report offers a national / international snapshot of digital metering and knowledge sharing of progress towards digital metering and issues being encountered.

Please note: This is a summary of the more detailed report, which will inform those looking to start or expand their own digital metering initiatives in the future.

The de-identified detailed report will be made available in January 2023. Only those who participated in the survey will have access to the identified detailed report.

For further information, please contact Kristy Drzewucki.



AuthorWater Services Association of Australia, Intelligent Water Networks (IWN)
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