The scope of this Appraisal includes the EZIpit® 1000 maintenance hole (MH), EZIpit® 600 maintenance chamber (MC) and EZIpit® 425 maintenance shaft (MS). The components include polypropylene bases and risers, riser couplings, plain couplings, plugs, near surface fittings and elastomeric ring seals

PA 0901 Issue 5 introduces the EZIpit® Polypropylene (PP) DN1000 Maintenance Hole which comprises the following components:

  1. EZIpit® DN1000 bases made of PP
  2. EZIpit® DN1000 single wall corrugated PP riser
  3. EZIpit® DN1000 x DN600 PP Reducing Cone
  4. EZIpit® DN1000 corrugated ‘riser coupling’ with PP stub(s) for internal and external drops
  5. Internal flow Channel Plugs for unused EZIpit® PP 1000 base side channels
  6. SBR elastomeric ring seals – DN1000 (riser to base and cone) and DN600 (cone to cover

This report also contains reference to accessory products such as the GATIC® EZIpit® DN600 Ductile Iron ‘Top Hat’ cover arrangement and  EZIpit®1000 MH GRP Ladder with poly brackets and strip. 


Product categoryMaintenance Chamber / Shaft / Hole
PA NumberPA 0901 Issue 5
Report holderIplex Pipelines Australia Pty Ltd
StandardWSA 137- 2019 Issue 3.1 Industry standard for Uplasticised polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U), polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) maintenance shafts, maintenance chambers and maintenance holes for sewerage
Publication date
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