This appraisal addresses Reece Dimax ductile iron pipes suitable for conveyance of drinking water, non-drinking water and sewage. The scope of this appraisal includes ductile iron pipe in sizes DN 100 to DN 750 with TYTON® spigot and socket elastomeric joints manufactured to AS/NZS 2280:2014 Ductile iron pipes and fittings.

Pipes with PN20 pressure classification are available in sizes from DN 375 to DN 750 whilst pipes with PN35 and Flange Class pressure classifications are available in sizes from DN 100 to DN 750.

The pipes may be internally lined with Sulphate Resistant (SR) cement mortar for drinking and non-drinking water applications or Calcium Aluminate (CA) cement mortar for sewerage and aggressive non-drinking waters with pH >4<12 or polyurethane (PU) for transport of sewerage and aggressive waters with pH >1<13.  Epoxy seal coating is optionally available on SR cement mortar linings for all pipe sizes.

The external coating options are metallic zinc coating or zinc-aluminum-rare earth alloy with a two-part epoxy finishing layer. The PU lined pipe is coated with zinc-aluminum-rare earth alloy.


Product categoryDuctile Iron Pipes
PA NumberPA 1920
Report holderReece Australia Pty Ltd
StandardAS/NZS 2280:2014 Ductile iron pipes and fittings
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