This Appraisal is for a range of PVC-O Series 2 DIOD pipes. The pipe size range is DN 100 to DN 450 with available pressure classes PN16, PN20 or PN25. This Appraisal Report incorporates and replaces PA 1415 and PA 1520 which had both reached their 5-year expiry dates. This Issue 3 is to include amended minimum wall thicknesses for the Alphamain PVC-O pipes manufactured at Acacia Ridge, which provides for a minimum SN10 stiffness rating. Quality certifications have also been updated.

Pipemakers employ two different processes for the manufacture of PVC-O pipes. The Molecor process is used for pipes manufactured at the Deer Park facility and the Alphacam process (branded Alphamain) is manufactured at the Acacia Ridge facility in DN 100 and DN 150 sizes only.

The Molecor and Alphamain pipes are manufactured with minimum wall thicknesses in excess of those specified in AS/NZS 4441 to provide for initial pipe stiffnesses greater than SN10.

The effective length of the pipe is six metres with socket and spigot ends for elastomeric seal jointing utilising a dual hardness elastomeric seal. The joints have 1 degree maximum angular deflection.

Pipemakers PVC-O pipe is available in solid blue for drinking water supply, solid purple for non-drinking water supply and solid cream for pressure sewer applications.


Product categoryPVC-O Pipe
PA NumberPA 2120 Issue 3
Report holderPipemakers Australia Pty Ltd
BrandPipemakers and Alphamain
StandardAS/NZS 4441:2017 Oriented PVC (PVC-O) pipes for pressure applications
Publication date
Expiry date

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