The products submitted for appraisal are the kwik-ZIP® HDX Series Casing Spacers designed and developed by kwik-ZIP Pty Ltd. Casing spacers are used to install carrier pipe inside the encasement pipe in order to provide support around the periphery of the pipe as it twists while being pushed through the casing.

The HDX Casing Spacer utilises a segmented design that allows the system to be used on an extensive range of carrier pipe diameters (from 100 mm OD to 1668 mm OD), by joining two or more HDX segments (units) together to create a complete spacer.

The HDX is manufactured wholly from inert engineering thermoplastics and incorporates low friction, high abrasion resistant wear pads attached to load sharing runners. This load sharing runner system significantly increases the load capacity of the HDX by allowing high loads to be shared across multiple adjacent runners.


Product categoryCasing Spacer
PA NumberPA 1523
Report holderKwik-ZIP Pty Ltd
BrandKwik-ZIP HDX Series Casing Spacers
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