PA 1127 Part 2 introduces the Fusamatic range of PE injection moulded spigot fittings including full-face flange – spigot adaptors for pressure applications including water supply and sewerage. Fusamatic injection moulded fittings are manufactured in Turkey by NTG Plastik in accordance with AS/NZS 4129:2008 Fittings for polyethylene (PE) pipes for pressure applications.

A range of 45° and 90° elbows, equal and reducing tees, end caps, stub flange adaptors, reducers and 45° tees are available in long spigot format. Stub flange adaptors and reducers are also available with short spigots. This Issue 2 includes a range of full-face flange – spigot adaptors manufactured by Plastek s.r.l. in Italy. 


Product categoryPolyethylene (PE) Moulded Pressure Fittings
PA NumberPA 1127 Part 2 Issue 2
Report holderFusion Group Ltd
StandardAS/NZS 4129:2008 Fittings for polyethylene (PE) pipes for pressure applications
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