This appraisal is for a range of Deks valve and hydrant marker posts moulded from polyethylene

The posts are used by various authorities including Water Agencies, Municipal Councils, Fire Authorities and Road Authorities to readily identify the type and location of installed valves and hydrants.

The posts are triangular in horizontal section with a bevel on the top surface and are 1500mm long.

The range consists of white coloured marker posts to identify a hydrant or valve installed in a drinking water main and purple coloured marker posts to identify a hydrant or valve installed in a non-drinking water main.

The posts are supplied with a red coloured top to indicate a firefighting hydrant, a black coloured top to indicate an operational hydrant and a blue coloured top to indicate a valve.

The letter “H” for hydrant or “V” for valve is moulded on the bevelled surface in raised form. The letters are coloured white for drinking water mains and purple for non-drinking water mains.

The marker posts incorporate 2 reflective markers riveted to the post such that they are visible from either direction of vehicle approach. The markers are coloured blue for firefighting hydrants and white for valves.


Product categoryMarker Posts
PA NumberPA 1914
Report holderDeks Industries Pty Ltd
StandardWSA PS 286 Polymeric Valve and Hydrant Marker Posts.
Publication date
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