In 2005, WSA TN 3 was developed to cover the significant changes in the manufacture of ductile iron (DI) pipes that resulted from the 2004 publication of AS/NZS 2280. Since then AS/NZS 2280 has been revised twice and the manufacture of DI pipe has ceased in Australia. Also over the past 12 years, significant work has been undertaken on allowable deflections for steel pipe.

As a result of all those changes the technical information associated with ring stiffness, allowable ring deflection, and embedment design has evolved and has now been incorporated into a 2017 Amendment to AS/NZS 2566.1-1998. This revision of WSA TN 3 includes those changes, as well as providing supporting information and extending the document to include steel pipes.

This guidance note covers the issues of diametral / ring stiffness, and allowable diametral / ring deflection for ductile iron and steel pipe manufactured to AS/NZS 2280 -2014 and AS 1579-2001 respectively.

To coincide with the publication of AS/NZS 2566.1:1998/Amdt 1:2017 a revision of WSA TN3 was conducted by Ashley Fletcher, Fletcher Pipeline Integrity on behalf of the Water Services Association of Australia. During the review of WSA TN 3, WSAA appointed contractor has engaged with external stakeholders and gained acceptance of the proposed draft amendments from St Gobain , Viadux and Steel Mains Pty Ltd.  The changes in AS/NZS 2566.1:1998/Amdt 1:2017 align with the amendments in WSA TN 3 Version 3.

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