This Standard, based on AS 3996, is limited to the specification of requirements for solid-top, cast ductile iron access covers, frames and associated cover/frame assembly inserts, seals and fixings for water industry applications.

It applies to single and multiple part covers of square, rectangular and circular shapes. While recessed access covers designed for installation with concrete infill are not recommended due to OH&S manual handling reasons, recessed access covers may be supplied in accordance with this Standard (see Note 3).


  1. This design of ventilated covers for specific ventilation and air flow requirements should be undertaken by a suitably qualified hydraulic design engineer.
  2. Purchasing guidelines, based on Appendix B of AS 3966:2006, are provided in Appendix A, for information to be supplied at the time of calling for tenders or quotations.
  3. For covers requiring structural infill on site (see Clause 1.6 Item (i) of AS 3996:2006), structural infill installation procedures in accordance with Appendix G of AS 3996:2006 shall be supplied with each delivery (to assure structural infill compliance with requirements).
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WSA 132
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