The Second edition of WSA 201:2020 Manual for Selection and Application of Protective Coatings Version 2.2 has been prepared to take account of the experiences of asset owners that have adopted the Manual.  Advice and comments have also been provided by a small number of practitioners as well as contract and asset managers. The Second edition of the Manual now contains a new supplementary section has been added to list any participating Water Agency variations and additions to WSA 201. The supplement also allows participating Water Agency’s to list approved protective coating products and recommended colour scheme for painting assets and equipment.

The major changes to this revision include:

  • changes made in our members supplementary manuals. Our objective was to minimise the number of variations across Australia and New Zealand;
  • changes to address feedback/comments from Users of this manual, and
  • a new Supplement where Water Agencies can include reference to their own list of approved protective coating products and Standard Colour scheme.

This edition of the WSA 201 has been published in tekReader, as an E-book using a new on- line template, so they make look different from previous versions.  This edition also include a printable PDF version, similar to other WSAA E-Book Codes

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