The Gravity Sewerage Code of Australia South East Queensland Service Providers (SEQ-SP) Code Edition sets out SEQ Amendments to the WSAA WSA 02-2014 Gravity Sewerage Code of Australia Version 3.1.

The SEQ-SP Amendments include:

  • The SEQ-SPs’ requirements for specific detail which the Code anticipates individual water agencies will address, and
  • Additions, deletions and variations to the Code where the Code’s requirements are not compatible with the SEQ-SPs’ current requirements due to such factors as local practice, climate, geographic and topographic conditions and statutory requirements, or where the Code is otherwise silent.

Any reference to the Gravity Sewerage Code of Australia (“the Code”) shall be deemed to refer to the Gravity Sewerage Code of Australia SEQ Code Edition. The Code specifies mandatory requirements for the design and construction of sewerage mains that are to become the responsibility of the SEQ-SPs.

The SEQ-SPs reserve the right to specify or approve other design and construction requirements for particular projects or developments. Before commencement of any construction, the SEQ-SPs approval shall be obtained to any design or installation that does not comply with the Code.

SEQ Service Providers are providers of water services to individual customers and groups of customers in South East Queensland as prescribed by the South-East Queensland Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) Act 2009; namely City of Gold Coast Council (CoGC), Logan City Council (LCC), Redland City Council (RCC), Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) and Unitywater (UW) or any number of them in combination or separately as the context requires.  

The scope of the SEQ Code Edition is restricted to sewers up to and including DN300 for CoGC, QUU, RCC and UW.  Concepts that apply to larger sized mains are provided for guidance only.

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