A key update to the W-Lab technology roadmap is now available. The roadmap is a key document for the water industry, helping us target innovative technologies to benefit our customers and the community.

Caption: Anna Jackson, CEO Unitywater launches the 2022 W-Lab Technology Roadmap.


The updated Roadmap replaces the first edition published in 2020.

Anna Jackson, CEO of Unitywater highlights key challenges for the water industry, including climate change and a growing population, and how investment in innovation and new technology creates better outcomes for our customers and communities, while reducing our carbon footprint.

“The roadmap demonstrates a willingness to collaborate on the bigger issues,” she said.

This Roadmap is our guide, to keep us on track to reach our vision and enable our partners and collaborators to see where we are heading. It will guide how water utilities in Australia and New Zealand approach technology and innovation and leverage their collective knowledge, expertise and resources to solve current and emerging challenges. The Roadmap is a dynamic document that will change as members address key challenges, learn, adapt and move into new areas.

“The Technology Roadmap depicts a new water future vision co-created by the water-industry in Australia and New Zealand, said Mr Adam Lovell, Executive Director, WSAA.

“In developing the Roadmap, we listened to and engaged with W-Lab members, provocateurs, international water authorities and other industries”, said Mr Lovell.

Read the 2022 W-Lab Technology Roadmap


About W-Lab

Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA), with project partners Isle Utilities and Think Place, developed W-Lab to bring together a specialist network of water experts, innovators and utilities, leveraging technology to secure the future of the industry. It bridges the gap between innovation and the water utilities by leaning on our network’s knowledge and expertise to inspire confidence.

27 Sep 2022

James Gardner

James Gardner

Manager Environment and Technology Research