WSAA has joined an international committee developing an ISO Standard on Climate Adaptation for Water Services.

ISO Standards are developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation, and are internationally agreed approaches to dealing with complex issues, processes, products or services and cover a broad range of activities.

The scope for this ISO Standard includes:

  • Assessment principles
  • Stormwater services
  • Drinking water services
  • Wastewater services

The standard will be developed over the course of the next 12-18 months.

The Climate Adaptation for Water Services ISO standard will provide a benchmark for water utilities to drive towards in the same way as other ISO standards do for business areas such as Risk Management (ISO31000), Environmental Management (ISO14000) and Energy Management Systems (ISO51000).

WSAA's representation on this committee will ensure the Australian and New Zealand utility context is elevated in this Standard and that it is meaningful for our businesses.

28 Apr 2021

Elliot Stuart

Elliot Stuart

Liveable Communities Advisor