On Monday 29 March WSAA Chair Roch Cheroux and IoTAA CEO Frank Zeichner signed a Memorandum of Understanding and officially launched the collaboratively developed Digital Reference Framework.

As part of our digital program, WSAA has been collaborating with the Internet of Things Alliance Australia (IoTAA) to develop a Digital Reference Framework. This Framework is designed to facilitate simpler and more direct conversations about digital technology both within the business and with suppliers. Resulting in quicker, more informed and more effective adoption of new technology. Its use should simplify the understanding of digital systems, improve clarity and streamline digital procurement.

The Internet of Things proposes significant opportunities for the water sector. Through collaborations such as this one with the IoTAA it is hoped we can provide tools and insights that will benefit not only the sector, but also our customers and the Australian economy.

WSAA, in collaboration with our members, has been working in the digital space for over 10 years. In seeking to better understand the digital space we held a series of annual conferences with suppliers from 2014 to 2016. Then the industry moved towards establishing some base metrics around digital maturity and digital readiness producing a water industry position paper on Harnessing the Digital Economy in 2018.

That work was a catalyst for the current WSAA digital program. A program that is based on establishing strong fundamentals around data management and naming standards along with digital strategy development, then partnering with lead agencies in Australia and worldwide to accelerate the adoption of new initiatives in the digital space including digital twins, virtual reality, and augmented reality to benefit customers and the community.

To watch the launch and panel discussion click here.

31 Mar 2021

Sandi Kolbe

Sandi Kolbe

Communications Manager