WSAA’s Global Goals for Local Communities Paper includes a commitment from the water industry to SDG 6 together with strong support to advance all 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals. Find out why our members have signed up to support and promote the Goals.

Advancing the Goals can attract talent

In a competitive employment market, an employee value proposition and brand that stands for something with a higher purpose can provide the sector with a competitive advantage

We live in a world more interconnected than ever

The SDGs provide a framework to drive action through the supply chain.

The actions we take can have positive or negative consequences on local, national and international levels. 

Keeping customer and community at the heart of all that we do

The underlying philosophy of the Goals is to leave no one behind. Looking at challenges and opportunities through the lens of the Sustainable Development can trigger different thinking and open opportunities for improving customer outcomes.

Provide broader customer benefit

The industry’s potential contribution to Goals beyond its core services is substantial.  Consider water’s contribution to the growing health crisis (water versus sugary drinks, urban greening and cooling, fit for purpose water for irrigation and improved waterway health).

Open the door on stakeholder partnerships

We can achieve more for less when we collaborate with others. Using a common language across sectors helps break down silos, and better communicate cross-sectoral contributions to improve value.

Goals have the potential to identify new and innovative approaches and opportunities.

Demonstrating leadership

The industry is already contributing to all of the Goals, but there is more to do. This global initiative offers a unique opportunity to share and communicate the already world-leading water industry practice.   

19 Mar 2018

Jennifer Bartle-Smith

Jennifer Bartle-Smith

Manager Liveability