Margaret Devlin, Chair of Watercare in Auckland, spoke to us about the exciting opportunities available to the New Zealand water industry as they work to meet challenges.

We spoke to Margaret Devlin, Chair of Watercare at the WSAA Water Utility Chairs and MDs Symposium (Sydney, 7 August 2018). The Symposium brought together WSAA member Chairs and MDs to discuss water's contribution to liveable communities and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, customer centricity, strategic challenges, emerging governance issues and global trends.


So the New Zealand water sector at the moment is looking at some significant reforms, some potential reforms, looking at the challenges following on from the Havelock North, issues which happened a couple of years ago, but also looking at the challenges of infrastructure, so years of underinvestment, plus also the growth challenge as well. So it's actually a really exciting time for New Zealand's water industry. I guess the big challenge is let's make sure we get the right answer, as opposed to actually just looking simply at, we think we have a solution and we don't know what the problem is we're trying to fix.



28 Jun 2019

Laura Jaquest

Laura Jaquest

Communications Advisor