Since the release of proposed amendments to the Telco (Low Impact Facilities) Act in June last year WSAA and the NSW and QLD Water Directorates have been working with the Department of Communications and Arts (DOCA) to address legacy issues and proposed future issues with the installation of Telecommunications equipment on water tanks.

The recent formation of a Powers and Immunities Reference Group comprising of peak bodies from landowners (water, power, roads, rail and facilities owners) and Telcos has agreed a terms of reference to address among other things: emergency and maintenance shutdown of telco equipment covered under Schedule 3 of the Communications Act (where there is no commercial agreement in place), effective labelling of equipment, a contact register for equipment, design standards and access by subcontractors.

The group is working to have a path for resolution of the first four of these items by the end of October, with further work to address the remaining issues.

2 Oct 2018

James Goode

James Goode

Asset Management Program Coordinator