We're thrilled Kwatja Ngkama (Talking Water), a film made in partnership with the Australian Water Association, has been selected for the Northern Territory Travelling Film Festival.

Kwatja Ngkama (Talking Water) shares the water stories of Aboriginal elders and custodians from the Western Arrernte people, Central Arrernte people and Warlpiri people in Central Australia.

Thank you to the Aboriginal elders and custodians who shared their water knowledge, stories and thoughts from the past and present, along with a vision for the future, and Eric Vanweydeveld from Power and Water Corporation for his work to capture these stories. 

In this film we hear from: 

  • Kevin 'Mpitjana' Ungwanaka, Custodian of Irrmankarra (Running Waters)
  • Que 'Nakamarra' Kenny, Custodian of Lhere Pinte (Finke River)
  • Peter 'Mbitjana' Renehan, Custodian of Lhere Mbantua (Todd River)
  • Benedict 'Kngwari' Stevens, Custodian of Lhere Mbantua (Todd River)
  • Ned 'Jampijimpa' Hargraves, Warlpiri Elder and Traditional Owner Pirlinyanu

The NT Travelling Film Festival showcases the breadth of NT filmmaking talent, highlighting Indigenous films and their makers and runs from March to August 2021 in over 30 locations.

Visit the NT Travelling Film Festival website for more information.

12 Feb 2021

Laura Jaquest

Laura Jaquest

Communications Advisor