This week WSAA launched the 2020 OPEX Benchmarking study. Our 23 utility and council participants can once again compare their operational costs against an unparalleled group of peers.

The in-house benchmarking run for the industry, by the industry enables cross-organisation collaboration on how industry leaders are providing improved service levels in a cost efficient manner.

Benchmarking demonstrates an organisation’s willingness to measure and compare its performance, investigate opportunities to deliver business improvements, be accountable for the efficient costs of running its business and deliver value to customers. The WSAA OPEX Team is very much looking forward to working with returning participants to track progress on previous years and improve understanding of costs and cost drivers across business functions. Likewise we are excited about the learnings and experience our new participants will bring to the study.

For more information please contact Jaimie Hicks, Manager Engagement and Innovation Culture.


29 Jul 2020

Jaimie Hicks

Jaimie Hicks

Manager Engagement & Innovation Culture