WSAA is pleased to announce the publication of Technical Note (WSA TN-10).

This document has been created in response to recent advice that ABCB will incorporate a requirement within the Plumbing Code of Australia to mandate that any product containing copper alloy intended for use in contact with drinking water is required to have a weighted average lead content of no more than 0.25% when calculated according to NSF/ANSI 372.

TN10 was prepared with input from a ruling committee representing purchasers and manufacturers selected by WSAA from standing members of Australian Standards Committee WS-022. Its purpose is to provide manufacturers and Conformity Assessment Bodies with nominated acceptable lead-free* copper alloys that can be used as alternatives to those alloys currently specified in Australian Standards for water industry products.

Standards Australia Committee MT02 has commenced work on revision of the suite of Australian Standards relating to Copper Alloys (AS 1565, AS/NZS 1567, AS/NZS 1568, AS 1572 and AS 2738) to accommodate low lead alloys and there will also be a requirement to review product standards to ensure compliance with the ABCB requirement can be accommodated. This will take an extended period of time.

In the meantime, where lead copper alloy components are utilised within products, TN10 will facilitate ongoing compliance. TN10 will be withdrawn when amendments to the relevant Standards have been completed. It is envisaged that additions to TN10 may also be considered in future where requested.

*Note: The terminology lead-free is defined as a material with a weighted average of 0.25% lead or less, calculated across the wetted surfaces of a pipe, fitting or valve.

Technical Note: WSA TN-10

Title: WSAA Technical Note (WSA TN-10) Acceptable Lead-Free Copper Alloys for Product in Contact with Drinking Water. 

Publisher: Water Services Associations of Australia

Publication date: 29 October 2021 

WSA TN-10 can be downloaded for free from the WSAA Shop. 

3 Nov 2021

Carl Radford

Carl Radford

Program Manager Asset Creation