The Bureau of Meteorology has engaged water sector consultants Aither to conduct the review of the urban water utility National Performance Report, reporting in June 2019. WSAA has a key role to play here to work collaboratively with the BOM and its consultants to ensure that the views of the industry are effectively captured and reflected in the review.

Aither will be developing a stakeholder analysis and communications plan in November, and will contact members in December 2018 and January 2019.  Their consultation will consider issues such as the role of the framework, the reporting approach, and preliminary views on indicators.

The intent of the review is to develop a fit-for-purpose framework that meets the needs of all stakeholders now and into the future, and has ongoing support of all jurisdictions and the urban water sector.  Aither will report on a number of aspects of the framework, including:

  • the users and stakeholders of the NPR
  • data audit and assurance
  • opportunities to align reporting with state and territory frameworks
  • framework governance
  • coverage and thresholds for reporting
  • systems and online formats and tools.

WSAA has conducted a survey of members on the Liveable Communities, Customer and Industry Leadership, and Utility Excellence Committees to elicit preliminary views about the framework and to start a conversation across the WSAA membership in preparation for the review.  We found that members want to:

  • ensure ongoing sector transparency
  • better define the end user of the reporting 
  • have consistency in data definitions and application
  • have access to online analysis and presentation tools
  • be able to confidently compare businesses.

As a member of the review steering committee, WSAA will be looking to further develop industry thinking as input to the review.

Dominic Schuster is working with WSAA on this project and can be contacted on 02 8397 7295 or

7 Nov 2018

Dominic Schuster

Dominic Schuster