Our new Pride in Water Network is looking for members to join and help create an industry where every LGBTIQ+ person feels valued, safe and included.

Last month we announced that Pride in Water, the Australian water sector’s founding LGBTIQ+ network, has become a WSAA Network. Pride in Water was established in 2019, driven by the experience of two LGBTIQ+ employees at Yarra Valley Water, Jacquie Moon and Brendan Moore. Yarra Valley has had huge success in building the collaborative initiative across the industry and creating a movement to ensure every LGBTIQ+ person in our industry feels valued, safe and included.

Coming into WSAA, Pride in Water will benefit from our strong relationships across all levels and areas of the Australian and New Zealand water sector. Through these relationships, we will grow Pride in Water’s influence and impact, ensure it has a sustainable business model and is accessible to everyone in the industry. Jacquie and Brendan will remain involved and will be our first Network Chairs. We are also excited to welcome Lara Olsen as Pride in Water’s first Board Ambassador.

The Network has been created to: 

  • Build a strong culture of respect, inclusion and connection for LGBTIQ+ people both within our workplaces and our broader community.  
  • Share our resources, experience and lessons to create a better practice approach to LGBTIQ+ inclusion. 
  • Connect LGBTIQ+ staff and allies within the water industry.  
  • Raise awareness of LGBTIQ+ issues through education to promote respect and inclusions.  
  • Build and support strong LGBTIQ+ leaders. 
  • Build partnerships with other industries and LGBTIQ+ groups.

Membership of the Pride in Water Network is open to all WSAA members. LGBTIQ+ staff and allies from across all business areas are encouraged to join, especially those that are champions of LGBTIQ+ inclusion work in the water industry. 

Our first online meeting of the Network will be held from 3-4pm on Friday 3 December 2021. 



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15 Nov 2021

Laura Jaquest

Laura Jaquest

Communications Advisor