The urban water industry is maturing and while asset management and people and culture are still critical and relevant to utilities, the challenges on the horizon will require all parts of utility businesses to work at their optimum.

To best meet these challenges and to focus on WSAA’s strategic priorities, we introduce the new Utility Excellence Committee (UEC), which will cover all internal business levers that water utilities have direct control over.

The key focus areas of the UEC will include:

  •          People and culture
  •          Customer value chain
  •          Financial performance
  •          Asset management and optimisation
  •          Organisational structure
  •          The future shape of water utilities

The UEC will continue the work of the Asset Management Committee and the People and Capability Committee, both of which have achieved enormous gains for the industry over the past years, including many world leading initiatives.

The UEC will meet for the first time on the 22 and 23 of August. Their primary focus will be developing the Committee work plan for the next few years, and a review of the current asset management network structure. It is expected that there will be a transition to any new network structure over the coming nine months. Existing networks will continue to meet in 2016 to focus on transitioning to the new structure, deliver current projects and discuss any potential future projects.

3 Aug 2016

Peter Gee

Peter Gee

Manager Performance Improvement