The Asset Planning, Resilience and Creation Network is one of WSAA’s newest networks, recently formed with the restructure of the Utility Excellence Committee. Significant capital is invested annually in addressing underperforming assets, increasing capabilities and capacities, providing new assets in areas of development and to meet regulatory requirements. This network provides a forum for knowledge sharing and the development of capabilities to advance asset management.

The focus is in three areas of asset management:

  • Asset Planning – the activity of confirming the service required from the customer and ensuring that the most effective solution is found to meet that need.
  • Asset Resilience – the ability of an asset or physical system to recover to an acceptable or desired level when subject to a hazard event
  • Asset Creation – the process of asset acquisition, encompassing all areas of design, construction and commissioning of new assets   

The inaugural meeting of the Network was held in March at WSAA’s Melbourne office. This was attended by 16 representatives from various members across Australia, and there were a lot of great ideas of things to look at and the direction that we can take this network! It will be exciting to see how this will develop over the coming months and year.

Two more meetings are scheduled for 2017 (in June and September). During these meetings, we will be focusing our discussions on some of the priority areas identified in our first meeting and start to develop some project ideas for delivery in 2018/19.

How to get involved

The Network has just met this month in Adelaide and will meet again in August, with targeted presentations and workshops focusing on key themes relating to benefits management and business case development. The network also uses the WSAA online community to discuss key issues, collaborate and share knowledge.

Interested in joining the Asset Planning, Resilience and Creation Network? It’s easy to join via the member community site, simply click on 'request to join' on the network page

16 Jun 2017

Sarah Mahar

Sarah Mahar

Asset Management Program Coordinator