WSAA has convened a Telecommunications Working Group including the Water Directorates of NSW and Queensland and a number of our members. The Group was formed in response to the 2017 proposed changes to the Telecommunications (low impact facilities) Act by the Department of Communications and Arts (DOCA).

The Group has presented a series of case studies together with a list of key issues to DOCA. This information informed a meeting coordinated by DOCA between representatives from Telco regulators, key Telco providers, along with water, electricity, roads and facilities managers on 7 June.

The meeting highlighted that all sectors had similar issues with Telcos. An ongoing taskforce has been convened with the initial task of developing a protocol to enable emergency shutdown of telco equipment by landowners.

There was also agreement that the Australian Communications and Media Authority would provide clarity on their complaints process to assist new complaints being raised and heard (there have been no major Telco complaints registered since 2011).

19 Jun 2018

Greg Ryan

Greg Ryan

Director Business Excellence