Are you interested in opportunities for digitalisation in the urban water industry?

We launched the Digital Reference Framework for the Water Sector with IoT Alliance Australia yesterday online.

The Digital Reference Framework is a document that simplifies communication about digital systems within businesses, and between supply and demand side entities in the water sector using customer journey maps and a digital decoder.

The panel led by Catherine Caruana-McManus (Meshed IoT) discussed the opportunities for digitalisation within the water sector and how it can enable collaboration across sectors. The panellists included Roch Cheroux (CEO Sydney Water), Frank Zeichner (CEO IoTAA), Sean Cohen (Senior Manager Smart Water SUEZ) and Guenter Hauber-Davidson (Managing Director Water Group).

IoTAA and WSAA also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formalise our ongoing collaborative efforts which includes developing guides, guidelines, frameworks, standards and use cases for IoT.


22 Mar 2021

Greg Ryan

Greg Ryan

Director Business Excellence