WSAA is pleased to share that we recently formed an MoU with BIM4Water, a UK based cross-industry group, with a mission to lead the digital transformation of the water sector through Better Information Management.

The BIM4Water mission directly aligns with the direction of the WSAA industry digital strategy and the MoU between our organisations will facilitate mutual sharing and collaboration. 

Both groups believe that there is value in partnering and where appropriate Australian groups developing to mirror those in BIM4Water. The first collaborative initiative between the organisations has been to develop a mirror group for the UK Water Industry Classification and Hierarchy Standardisation group. The intent is to accelerate the development of an international asset naming convention for water utility assets based on UK classification Standard, Uniclass. Completion of this naming standard would enhance the ability of water utilities to manage their digital asset information and communicate with other sectors.

This initial collaboration effort is intended to provide a guide to further work involving BIM4Water’s Owner Operators Group and 4D Working Group.

For more information on this initiative please contact Greg Ryan,

27 Apr 2021

Greg Ryan

Greg Ryan

Director Business Excellence