A proposal to the CRC Program for $3 million in government funding to support the research and validation of liners for pipeline rehabilitation was submitted by WSAA in August.

This project is a collaboration between WSAA, manufacturers, applicators, utilities, and researchers, and seeks to improve and validate product and application knowledge, enabling the development of industry standards, specifications and tools and confirming the demand for lining technologies.

As a significant proportion of water and wastewater infrastructure is nearing the end of its useful life, with high quality and reliable pipe lining products providing a potentially cost-effective solution. The market opportunity is significant, however, there are currently no clear performance and application guidelines and standards in Australia, limiting uptake and innovation of this technology and therefore investment of Australian SMEs in lining innovations.

The technical deliverables include:

  • Develop industry standards and guidance documents
  • Perform analytical tests for validation and testing of linings
  • Field-test liners
  • Develop and test multi-sensor robot prototypes

The tangible industry outcomes expected from this project are:

  • Improvements to design and application of smart lining products
  • Commercialisation of intelligent sensing/robotic technologies
  • Extending the life of critical infrastructure
  • Market growth for Australian lining SMEs
  • Enhanced Australian innovative linings knowledge and capacity

It is not too late to still be involved! If you would like more information on how you can become involved in this project, please contact Sarah Mahar

12 Sep 2017

Sarah Mahar

Sarah Mahar

Senior Process Engineer, Infrastructure Planning