Are you 30 or under, passionate about the water industry and looking for an opportunity to learn from the best? Applications for the 2019/20 WSAA young utility member personal development program are now open.

We have five positions to offer outstanding candidates in our utility membership. If successful, the program will not only expose you to senior leaders within the urban water sector, it will have you working alongside them at a Board Committee or thought leadership events. In addition, we will provide coaching sessions with the Peter Cullen Trust to help you understand your strengths, opportunities for improvement and leadership values.

At the end of your 12 months participating in the program you will have the opportunity to pitch to the WSAA Board for a chance to win The Ross Young Scholarship of up to $7,000 to further your personal development journey.

If you are passionate about the urban water industry and ready to step out of your comfort zone to explore and enhance your leadership potential apply now.

Selection Criteria:

  • Passionate about the urban water industry
  • Willingness to learn from the best
  • Confidence to share your thoughts and ideas
  • Adaptive and innovative
  • Support from your organisation and manager
  • Able to attend 3 full day coaching sessions with the Peter Cullen Trust and 3-4 Board Committee Meetings or thought leadership events in a 12 month period
  • 30 years old or under
  • A WSAA Utility Member

How to Apply:

Film a two minute pitch or write 1-2 pages explaining why you are the ideal candidate for this incredible opportunity.


Send your written application to Jaimie Hicks, Business Development Manager at by COB June 11th 2019 or:

  1. Upload your two-minute video to YouTube, using a YouTube account (
  2. Mark the video with a reference to WSAA and your full name in the title (e.g. Jaimie Hicks WSAA)
  3. Adjust the viewing settings to ‘unlisted’ rather than ‘private’ by going into the video manager tab
  4. Test that the video can be viewed by someone else, to ensure your application is accessible
  5. Email the link to your YouTube video to by COB June 11th 2019

Not sure if you should apply? Go on, challenge yourself!

“WSAA’s program for young utility members was an amazing opportunity which enabled me to expand my understanding of the issues facing the water industry and the innovative approaches the industry’s leaders are taking to address them. Participation in committee meetings with Managing Directors and General Managers of large water authorities allowed me to get firsthand experience of water leadership in action. I was encouraged to actively participate in these meetings and my views and opinions were always given the same level of respect and consideration as those of the more senior leaders in the room. This experience was further enhanced through participation in a leadership course from the Peter Cullen Trust. This course really helped me to reflect on who I am as a leader and how my leadership style reflects my values and it is hands down one of the best training courses I have ever experienced. My confidence in myself as a leader and my commitment to the water industry has been reaffirmed through this amazing program and I thank WSAA for the opportunity and encourage other young utility members to apply this year.” Brendan Moore, 2018/19 Participant, YVW.

“This program is a platform for interaction with a diverse group of young people. The sessions are challenging and engaging with interesting and inspiring content. I have been able to apply my learnings in my workplace and have experienced personal growth from being involved. Exposure through the program has provided me with a more practical understanding of leadership in our industry” Melissa Greer, 18/19 Participant, Central Coast Water.

27 May 2019

Jaimie Hicks

Jaimie Hicks

Business Development Manager