WSAA welcomes the release of the Productivity Commission’s Final Report on National Water Reform. The Report reiterates the case for continuing with national reform in the urban water industry.

The Report argues that failure to act now risks the gains made to date and means opportunities for greater efficiency, improved liveability and more sustainable environments would be lost.’

Adam Lovell, Executive Director of WSAA said ‘WSAA agrees that States and Territories should commit to renewing the National Water Initiative (NWI) by 2020. A renewed NWI will ensure we are prepared for the challenges posed by rapid population growth and climate change and continue to meet the needs of our customers in contributing to the liveability of our cities and regions’.

WSAA agrees with the recommendations in the Final Report around urban water. In its submissions to the National Water Reform Inquiry WSAA argued for minimum standards for economic regulation and notes the recommendation by the Commission around establishing common national principles to raise the standard across all jurisdictions.

‘Australian water utilities are among the best performers in the world and ensuring that impediments to integrated water cycle management are removed will help deliver better outcomes for the environment and customers’, said Mr Lovell.

1 Jun 2018

Sandi Kolbe

Sandi Kolbe

Communications Manager