Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) is pleased to announce the publication of WSAA Product Specification Issue 7.4.

Title: WSAA Product Specifications

Version: 7.4

Publication date: November 2019

Last updated date: September 2021

WSAA Product Specifications are updated regularly to reflect changes to standards, regulations, technologies and industry practice. The Document History and Version Summary details new specifications and ones that have been amended or omitted.

This edition of the WSAA Product Specifications has been published as an eBook using a new online template, so it may look different from previous versions. This edition also includes a printable PDF version.

Product Specifications Issue 7.4 is available through the WSAA Shop as a free download. You can add Issue 7.4 to your My Products page by adding it to your cart and following the prompts. 

Please contact codes@wsaa.asn.au with any requests, comments or suggestions.

23 Sep 2021

Carl Radford

Carl Radford

Program Manager Asset Creation