WSAA is pleased to announce a revised water industry standard for WSA 201 Manual for Selection and Application of Protective Coatings is now available for comment.

Water Industry Standard: DR WSA 201-2017-2.1

Title: Manual for Selection and Application of Protective Coatings

Publisher: Water Services Associations of Australia

Comment Closes: 24 April 2017 

Revision Of:  WSA 201-2013

Version 2.1 has been amended to include:

  • Revision to latest update of AS/NZS 2312, Parts 1 and 2
  • Inclusion of relevant AS/NZS, ASTM, ICRI, NACE, SSPC, ISO standards for application of protective coatings to steel and concrete
  • Include application of elastomeric polyurea and polyurethane systems, and siloxane penetrating sealer
  • Update concrete surface preparation and application to relevant international standards to reflect current industry practices.
  • Include concrete repair section for delamination and spalling of concrete.
  • Update OHS environmental sections with management of hazardous materials in the existing coatings
  • Review and update relevant coating systems
  • Review of recommended coating systems for various asset classes and environmental exposures
  • Include design service life for applied protective coating systems
  • Restructure of some sections within the Manual to improvement readability

Background Information

The Australian urban water industry utilises protective coatings to provide corrosion protection to structures, equipment and network infrastructure. Many of these applications are in aggressive environments where long-term protection is required. This Manual has been developed to consolidate current industry “best practice” and covers the technical requirements for the selection, supply, surface preparation, application, inspection and repair of protective coating systems on new and existing Water Agency facilities and network infrastructure. It may also be applicable to similar assets where corrosion protection is integral to good asset management. It is not intended to inhibit innovation. It does not purport to address all asset management situations and/or options. The Manual refers to, and should be used in conjunction with, relevant Australian and International Standards, other documentation issued by the product suppliers. Together they facilitate the development of integrated specifications for the Design and Applicator.

How to submit comments

Comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome by coating industry manufacturers, suppliers, designers, applicators, practitioners and asset owners, using the comments form and emailing by COB 24 April 2017. A copy of the DR WSA 201-2017-2.1 is attached, along with a comments form.

If you have any queries, please contact Carl Radford on email

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20 Mar 2017

Carl Radford

Carl Radford

Program Manager Asset Creation