WSAA is pleased to announce the publication of WSA 02:2014 Gravity Sewerage Code of Australia (MRWA Edition) Version 2.

This revised edition of the Gravity Sewerage Code (MRWA Edition) is an adaption of the standard WSAA Gravity Sewerage Code which includes the specific requirements of the Melbourne Retail Water Agencies. This edition addresses the planning, design and construction of gravity sewerage including structures. It has been simplified to two parts that address planning and design and construction, testing and commissioning of trunk, branch, reticulation and property connection sewers up to and including DN 1200. The standard drawings referenced in this edition of the Code are MRWA drawings which are located on the MRWA web portal. Appendices are linked to the WSAA website.

The Code comprises over 245 pages and links to references that provides the utility, designer and constructor guidance in providing cost-effective, sustainable sewerage services to the Australian community and its commercial and industrial enterprises.

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10 Nov 2015

Carl Radford

Carl Radford

Program Manager Asset Creation