Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) is pleased to release the Sewage Pumping Station Code of Australia Version 3.1

Title: WSA 04-2022 Sewage Pumping Station Code of Australia 

Version: 3.1

Publication date: April 2022

Last updated date: June 2006

The Sewage Pumping Station Code covers the planning, design and construction of pumping stations and pressure mains. This third edition Code has adopted the same format as the Gravity Sewerage Code and includes complete technical requirements for construction, testing and commissioning along with a selection of typical Standard Drawings provided by individual members. 

The Sewage Pumping Station Code 3.1 can be accessed via the WSAA Shop

Please contact codes@wsaa.asn.au with any requests, comments or suggestions.


26 Apr 2022

Carl Radford

Carl Radford

Program Manager Asset Creation