This appraisal is for a VIPSeal range of metal-banded flexible couplings with metal shear rings manufactured to AS/NZS 4327:1995 Metal-banded flexible couplings for low pressure applications.

Shear banded flexible couplings are designed for joining or repairing pipes of various material with the same or similar nominal internal diameters, in low pressure sewerage or drainage pipeline systems. Where the outside diameter of the pipes to be joined is greater than 16 mm, an appropriate adapter bush is utilised to facilitate leak proof jointing. VIP Polymers product literature provides details of when adapter bushes are required. See Appendix A.

The range of nominal diameters covered by this appraisal is DN 100 to DN 600 and applicable pipe outside diameter size ranges are detailed in Section 3. 



Product categoryShear banded flexible couplings
PA NumberPA 1734
Report holderVIP Polymers Ltd
StandardAS/NZS 4327: 1995 Metal-banded flexible couplings for low pressure applications
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