The scope of this appraisal has been extended to include the following fittings, intended for use with polyethylene pipelines manufactured to AS/NZS 4130 by SAB S.p.A Italy. (a) SUPREME® PE Metric Compression Fittings (b) SUPREME® fuse PE Electrofusion Fittings (c) SUPREME® PE Pushfit (Plug & Play)

SUPREME® range of PE fittings (Compression, Electrofusion and Pushfit) has been appraised for use in drinking water, recycled water and pressure sewerage applications. SUPREME® range of PE fittings are manufactured by SAB S.p.A in Italy and distributed throughout Australia by Viadux Pty Ltd.


Product categoryPE Fittings
PA NumberPA 1705 Issue 2
Report holderViadux Water Network Solutions
StandardAS/NZS 4129:2008 Fittings for polyethylene (PE) pipes for pressure applications
Publication date
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