The Smart Lock system provides a no-dig rehabilitation method for repairing structural defects in underground non-pressure gravity drain and sewer pipelines. The system consists of a slip in expanding stainless-steel Grade 316 sleeve that is sealed against the internal surface of the host pipe using an external woven fibreglass mat impregnated with silicate resin

The scope of this Appraisal is to review relevant documentation associated with the Smart Lock pipeline rehabilitation system in order to assess potential application for repair of defective sewerage and drainage pipelines. The applicable size range is DN 100 to DN 750. The system is suitable for sewer pipes of any material. Details of the product is included in the attached Schedules A and B.


Product categoryother
PA NumberPA 1901
Report holderSmart Lock Pty Ltd
BrandSmart Lock
StandardASTM F3110-14 WRc Assessment Schedule and Approval PT/432/1218
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