The Trelleborg epros DrainPacker System is a sectional or point repair method for pipes of any material including concrete, vitrified clay, asbestos cement, cast or ductile iron, GRP, PVC and PE, within the size range from DN 100 to DN 1200, provided the host pipe and soil system in structurally stable.

The system is suitable for repairing defects in underground non-pressure gravity drain and sewer pipelines including radial and/or longitudinal cracks, mechanical wear, corrosion, leaking joints and may also be used for obstruction of laterals. Repair lengths range from 0.5m to 5m


Product categoryCured in place pipe (CIPP) liner - Sectional or point repair
PA NumberPA 1918
Report holderSewer Equipment Company Australia (SECA)
BrandTrelleborg epros DrainPacker System
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