This Product Appraisal Report PA 1508 Part 2 includes REHAU’s other product range as follows: a) AWASHAFT DN 250 / DN 300 Polypropylene (PP) Terminal Maintenance Shafts (TMS) b) AWADUCT Polypropylene pipes and fittings c) AWADUCT ‘Flex connect’ universal pipe coupler d) AWADOCK Polypropylene fittings

AWADUCT brand comprising of below product range:

  1. Polypropylene pipes – with (a) socket coupler and elastomeric seal and (b) fusion plain ended (both orange colour)
  2. Polypropylene fittings - normal connections to pipes such as; reducer, sleeve coupler, double socket, ball joint, etc. (orange colour)
  3. Flex connect - Universal fitting for connecting pipes of different materials, wall thicknesses and ODs (orange/silver body + black elastomeric seal)
  4. AWADOCK brand comprising of below product range:
  5. Polypropylene fittings for connecting to concrete, reinforced concrete, vitrified clay and chambers (green body + black elastomeric seal)
  6. Polypropylene fittings for connecting smooth-walled polymer and GRP pipes (orange body + grey + black elastomeric seal)


Product categoryMaintenance Shafts
PA NumberPA 1505 Part 2
Report holderREHAU Pty Ltd
BrandAWASHAFT Terminal Maintenance Shafts, AWADUCT Polypropylene (PP) pipes and fittings, AWADUCT flex connect pipe coupler and AWADOCK Polypropylene (PP) fittings
StandardWSA 137:2013 Industry Standard for Maintenance Shafts and Maintenance Chambers for Sewerage AS/NZS 5065 - Polyethylene and polypropylene pipes and fittings for drainage and sewerage applications WMTS-055:2016 - Plastic fittings – Connectors with flexible intermediate joints for drainage and sewerage applications AS/NZS 4327:1995 - Metal-banded flexible couplings for low-pressure applications
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