This product appraisal applies to Iplex Pipelines (Australia) Pty Limited Apollo® PVC-O pipes available in CIOD compatible Series 2 diameters in the range DN100 to DN300, pressure rating PN16 and stiffness classification SN10.

The pipes are supplied in effective lengths of 6 m and have an elastomeric seal joint with an inherent  allowable angular deflection of 1°. Pressure classes of PN12.5 and PN16 are available, all of stiffness class SN10. Apollo® pipes are colour coded for different applications and are available in blue (ApolloBLUE™), cream (ApolloCREAM) and lilac (ApolloLILAC)


Product categoryPolyvinylchloride, Oriented (PVC-O) Pressure Pipes for Pressure Applications
PA NumberPA 1612
Report holderIplex Pipelines (Australia) Pty Ltd
BrandApolloBLUE™ ApolloCREAM ApolloLILAC
StandardAS/NZS 4441:2008 Oriented PVC (PVC-O) pipes for pressure applications
Publication date
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