This Appraisal is for the Cretex Pro-Ring system of moulded rings for grade adjustment of concrete and masonry sewerage access chambers and catch basins.

The rings are manufactured from expanded polypropylene (EPP) in circular, square or rectangular shapes with an extensive range of dimensions. Rings are available in both flat and angled versions with thicknesses from 19mm to 152mm and can be stacked to achieve the required height. EPP is known for its exceptional strength to weight ratio, stability and toughness with excellent chemical and UV resistance.

The joints are keyed to prevent lateral movement between adjacent rings and sealed using a polyether waterproof structural adhesive with acid and chemical resistance suitable for sewer environments. This jointing mechanism also minimises the likelihood of root intrusion.


Product categoryMaintenance Hole Make-up rings
PA NumberPA 1832
Report holderIndependent Sewer Consulting Services Pty Ltd
BrandCretex Pro-Ring
StandardWSA PS 345 Polymeric Make-up Rings for Sewerage Access Chambers.
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