This appraisal considers devices to prevent ants from filling underground spring hydrant wells with soil.

Hydraguard is a circular plate with an elastomeric seal located around its rim. The plate has 4 bolt holes and two drainage plugs incorporated into the plate. The Hydraguard is installed between the flanges of a hydrant and riser during installation.

Retroguard is a complementary product to Hydraguard that allows for a retrofit installation on existing hydrant assemblies.  Retroguard is an elastomeric sleeve that fits over an existing hydrant / riser flange assembly to provide a seal against the inside of the shroud pipe.  It is only available for DN80 circular flanges.


Product categoryElastomeric seal and sleeve
PA NumberPA 1730 Issue 2
Report holderHydrant Protection Pty Ltd.
BrandHydraguard and Retroguard
StandardHydraguard and Retroguard are innovative products that are not specifically covered by any Standards.
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