This appraisal covers a PN1 DN 150 x dn 100 stainless steel sewer OB junction clamp. This product enables installation of new permanent service connections to existing PVC-U, VC or AC sewer mains.

The 45 degree offtake is fitted with a DN 100 PVC-U compatible solvent weld socket for connection to a PVC-U service pipe. Clamps with 90 degree offtakes are also available. Derwent offers a larger range of OB clamps; however, type testing has only been completed for the DN 150 x dn 100 clamp at this time. Details are provided in Section 3.

The stainless-steel clamps are manufactured from Grade 316 stainless steel with a full circle nitrile rubber seal.


Product categoryStainless steel sewer OB junction clamp
PA NumberPA 1917
Report holderDerwent Industries Pty Ltd
StandardWSA PS 346 – Stainless Steel Sewer OB Junction Clamps – Sewerage
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