This appraisal is for a range of Deks Industries Pty Ltd PN16 Stainless Steel Repair Clamps in sizes DN 80 to DN 300, manufactured to AS 4181-2013 Repair and off-take clamps for water industry purposes.

DEKS Stainless Steel Repair Clamps are designed to suit a wide range of pipe OD’s and are suitable for repairing cracks, holes, splits and pinholes in pipe manufactured from grey or ductile cast iron, steel, PVC-U, PVC-M, PVC-O and asbestos cement. The clamps are not suitable for use with polyethylene (PE) pipes. They have limited ability to accommodate axial deflection and are therefore not intended for joining two pipes together.  


Product categoryStainless Steel Repair Clamps
PA NumberPA 1501 Issue 2
Report holderDEKS Industries Pty Ltd
StandardAS 4181-2013 Repair and off-take clamps for water industry purposes
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