This Appraisal considers PN 20, PN 35 and Flange Class ductile iron pipes in nominal sizes DN 100 to DN 750 manufactured to AS/NZS 2280:2014 Ductile iron pipes and fittings.

The standard joint offered is spigot and socket with a dual hardness elastomeric sealing ring. 

Two external coating systems are offered based on metallic zinc (200g/m2 minimum) or zinc/aluminium (400g/m2 minimum). Each has a finishing layer: For Zn200 black epoxy of 80mm minimum is used, while for ZnAl400 blue epoxy of 100mm minimum is used.

The coating systems are applied to all external surfaces, including the spigot, barrel, socket end face, socket mouth and internal socket profile. 

Pipe barrels are lined with cement mortar; either GP (General Purpose Portland Cement) for drinking or recycled water; or HAC (High Alumina Cement) for sewage and aggressive waters with pH>4<12. For GP lined pipes (drinking or recycled water) ≤DN 300, a bituminous seal coat (Inertol BS10) is supplied as default.  For GP pipes >DN 300 the bituminous seal coat is optional.

GP lined pipes are coated with black epoxy for zinc based coating systems and blue epoxy for ZnAl based systems, while HAC lined pipes are coated with red epoxy.

Quality and Product Certification details of products listed in this certificate are referenced in Schedule A. 

Issue 2 was to clarify that an alternative coating to zinc metal is a rare earth enhanced zinc aluminium alloy. An extra section has also been added to address the estimated life expectancy of DI pipes. (see Section 14) of the Report.

This Issue 3 amendment corrects and adds further detail in the contact with drinking water clause and relevant references.


Product categoryDuctile iron pipe
PA NumberPA 1719 Issue 3
Report holderClover Pipelines Pty Ltd
StandardAS/NZS 2280:2014 Ductile iron pipes and fittings.
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