This appraisal is for DN 20 metal-bodied ball valves for meter assembly applications. The ball valves are rated as PN 16 and are operated using a lockable lever handle. The end configurations are: (a) DN 25 PE compression joint to 1” union (swivel nut) for water meter connection. (b) ¾” female thread to 1” union (swivel nut) for water meter connection.

The ball valves are manufactured from dezincification resistant copper alloy and incorporate a Grade 316 stainless steel ball.

Both All Valve and Airaga have ISO 9001 certification.

The ball valves have ISO Type 5 StandardsMark product certification.

The Airaga ball valves described within this appraisal meet the requirements of WSA PS - 274 Ball Valves for Pressure Applications – Water Supply and are therefore deemed as ‘fit for purpose


PA NumberPA 1927
Report holderAll Valve Industries Pty Ltd
StandardAS 4796:2016 Water supply – Metal bodied and plastic bodied ball valves for property service connection
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