This appraisal covers the Access Covers Australia Pty Ltd’s (ACA) DN 375 Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) sewer maintenance shaft (MS) assembly. The jointing of individual components is achieved by elastomeric ring seal joints.

The MS assembly includes:

  • DN 375 LLDPE rotational moulded MS base with 150 mm straight drainage channel (150 mm 2-way) (base) or
  • DN 375 chamber base with 150 mm triple inlets and a single outlet (150 mm 4-way) (base) and
  • DN 375 PE100 PE corrugated riser (externally corrugated and internally smooth wall) (riser) with optional
  • DN 375 x 150 LLDPE rotational moulded inlet connector (inlet connector


Product categorySewer Maintenance Shaft
PA NumberPA 1709
Report holderAccess Covers Australia Pty Ltd
StandardWSA 137:2018 - Industry Standard for Maintenance Shafts and Maintenance Chambers for Sewerage
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