The next generation of asset management enabling business and customer value.

AMCV 2016 (previously known as Aquamark) will benchmark asset management activities and focuses on international excellence, identifying leading practices, tailored learning and peer-to-peer global engagement.

AMCV 2016 – Enabling business and customer value

AMCV’s aim is to enable organisations to enhance business and customer value through:

  • The assessment of asset and infrastructure maintenance and performance
  • Improving net return from physical assets through management improvements
  • Working towards sustainable, durable and resilient assets and businesses that have a customer focus
  • Preparing your organisation for ISO 55001 implementation and certification

Participants' benefits

Participating in the project will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Access to the 2012 AMIP project outcomes, learnings and changes in industry trends
  • An easy-to-use and recognised benchmarking tool aligned to ISO 55001
  • Understand your asset and infrastructure performance compared to your peers
  • Learn from others and showcase your own leading practices toward life-cycle management, asset quality assurance and delivering customer service
  • Gain customised and confidential asset performance improvement recommendations
  • Contribute to new trends in asset management that can deliver customer value
  • Interactive networking opportunities with industry leaders and peers

About AMCV

AMCV has evolved through a rolling four year benchmarking and performance improvement program since its inception in 2004. Over 50 organisations from the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, China, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand have been involved.

AMCV’s tool is now internationally recognised and applicable to any industry and sector globally that maintains physical assets. The benchmarking tool has been updated to reflect industry expertise and practical experience. It enables organisations to identify how to deliver business and customer value by working through seven key elements: 



How to access

AMCV participants can access the AMCV project portal on the WSAA community site.

For more information please visit our publications library to download the 2016 AMCV brochure, AMCV Learn Information Booklet  and the executive summary and highlights document from the 2012 Industry Report.

For further enquiries please contact the WSAA team on